Make Your Web App Invulnerable. Our Web Application Testing Pack Detects Bugs And Unlocks Superior Performance

Web Application Testing is the process of detecting and checking for any potential bugs in the web app before it is made accessible to its regular users.
Testing verifies that the application’s systems work at their full potential and provide the desired functionality to end-users. A thorough analysis of system flaws and weaknesses is also conducted so that repair processes can be initiated and information is prevented from being compromised.
How Is Web Application Testing Done?
As a dedicated software development organization, we understand how vital the uninterrupted functioning of your web app is. We test the application thoroughly to ensure peak efficiency and guarantee that sensitive information is not leaked via bugs.
We cover following Web Application Testing Standards & Control Areas:
  • We adopt the tests listed in OWASP TOP 10 2017 List ( as well as the classes of WASC (Web Application Security Consortium).
  • We follow OWASP best practices and guidelines and use the latest tools and techniques to help your organization protect APIs, establish security controls around APIs, and Web Application backend and front end.
Some Procedures We Use For Web Application Testing Are
Functionality Testing: This test verifies that the application is developed as per its functional requirements.
Usability Testing: Under this test, we check whether the application is user-friendly or not. It includes navigation and content testing.
Interface Testing: This testing is done to check the application server, web server, and database server. Under this, we verify whether the data is flowing correctly and that there is no denial of service.
Database Testing: Under this, the integrity of data, response time, data accuracy, and errors while executing queries are checked.
Performance Testing: This is done to check how well the app works under all types of loads and conditions of system breakdown.
Compatibility Testing: Under this, the compatibility of the app across various devices and browsers is checked.
Security Testing: Testing for unauthorized access, restricting malicious files, protection of sensitive data, and many other vulnerabilities are done.