Financial Institutions Need Proven Specialists for Their Cybersecurity Needs

Cybersecurity In The Finance Industry
Making sure Financial Services and Banking Institutions Are Secure By Leveraging the Most Effective Strategies
Financial institutions are a target of choice for most cyberattacks, as successful crimes can lead to substantial illicit financial gains. Unlike several other industries, banking and finance institutions have always been and are often the first to be exposed to new cybersecurity threats. Hence, Financial institutions need a reliable cybersecurity partner that can assure their security against any level of risk, from an average cyber scammer to highly sophisticated organized cybercrime groups.
Regulations and laws change frequently, and reaching the standards demanded by regulators has become increasingly difficult. Our organizational expertise can help you achieve compliance with infosec requirements easily.

Making sure Financial Services and Banking Institutions Are Secure By Leveraging the Most Effective Strategies

Our several years of experience working for multiple organizations in the financial services sector have given us the expertise needed to understand and solve the security issues your organization might face.
Our services extend to enabling firms to meet the compliance standards that have been set by GDPR, Financial Conduct Authority, SWIFT CSP, Payment Services Directive, and PCI DSS.
We provide an extensive range of services such as penetration testing, web-app testing, public discovery testing, data privacy awareness, wireless security, mobile app testing, red-teaming, security awareness training, phishing awareness training, and many more. Applying them makes sure that cybercriminals are not able to compromise the security of your financial institutions.
Do The Following Challenges Sound Familiar?
  • Facing sophisticated Zero-Day Attacks that exploit new vulnerabilities
  • Preventing Destructive DDoS attacks from causing harm
  • Countering Phishing and social engineering campaigns
  • Protecting both legacy systems and new technologies
  • Safeguarding your expanding network infrastructure
  • Maintaining a balance between accessibility of the system and cybersecurity
  • Detecting breaches in security and responding to them effectively
  • Adhering to compliance requirements