Data Security in The IT and Telecom Sector Is Vital For All Industries

Cyber Risks in The IT and Telecom Sector
Telecommunication and IT Solve Major Problems, and Our Services Help Keep Customer Data Safe
With technology growing at every step and becoming a substantial part of our lives, Data Security is vital at every platform. According to a report, it has been observed that network security and automation companies are at the highest risk from cyberattacks.
Efficient reports that nearly 43% of telecommunications organizations have faced DNS based malware attacks. The two major areas under threat are the subscribers of the company and the organizations’ data and network operations. We have seen several recent high-profile breaches such as attacks using Botnets like Mirai and Chameleon. The telecommunication sector is also woefully underprepared, and only four out of eleven critical patches that ISC recommended in 2016 were applied.
As the telecommunication industry grows and connects multiple companies, the effort of cybercrime to breach its defenses also increases. Not taking adequate precautions could have devastating consequences.

Telecommunication and IT Solve Major Problems, and Our Services Help Keep Customer Data Safe

Our services bring you one step closer to achieving regulatory compliance and ensuring that your weakest security links do not cost you millions. We provide services like High Alert Red Teaming exercises, Web Application testing for fleet management, Mobile App Penetration Testing, Data Security Awareness, Phishing Awareness and Simulation, Wireless Security Services, Incident Response Services, and Public Discovery Services.
As the IT and telecommunications sector is vast and varied, different organizations in the industry may have to comply with different laws. For example, Fintech companies have to deal with several standards set by PCI DSS and the Financial Conduct Authority. Our deep expertise in this sector helps your organization comply with the different and rapidly evolving laws easily.
Do The Following Challenges Sound Familiar?
  • Countering Phishing and social engineering campaigns
  • Protecting new technologies and ensuring security in older legacy systems
  • Protecting your expanding network infrastructure
  • Keeping a balance between accessibility of the system and cybersecurity
  • Detecting breaches in security and responding to them effectively
  • Meeting the security standards required for compliance with regulations
  • Facing sophisticated Zero-Day attacks that exploit new vulnerabilities
  • Securing Card and ID data