Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessments use automated tools to identify known vulnerabilities, and helps you to address the critical exposures attackers search for.

Almost every product deals with critical enterprise data or sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers etc. A huge defect in a system or application can provide this protected information to a hacker, which will lead to loss of financial matters, reputation and also disruption to business functions.

In large industries like finance, healthcare or the public sector, the main requirement is to ensure the safety of your product according to the standards and regulations, including ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, CCHIT etc. It is essential to comply with these for all the participants.

When an organization is unaware of its vulnerabilities, the security issues might go neglected and can get exploited. Vulnerability assessments helps you to identify the critical exposures which are to be looked into and can then be used to strengthen your vulnerability management program. Unless you know what are the vulnerabilities, it is impossible to weaken them and generate a system baseline.
Who Needs This?
Vulnerability assessments are beneficial for the organizations who wishes to identify exposures on internal or external systems. The result of the scans helps you to get an overall picture of the vulnerabilities present on your networks and assist in vulnerability risk management.
Vulnerability assessment helps to
  • identify security issues before they can be exploited;
  • improve productivity by avoiding application downtime;
  • protect the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive enterprise data;
  • ensure security in time for product release.
  • Plan security infrastructure in alignment with direction from ‘the Board’
It is always advisable to take preventive measures which enables you to save huge revenues from losses due to compromised reputation, reduced customer confidence, business disruptions, lost productivity etc.