Mobile Applications Are As Valuable As They are Vulnerable. Penetration testing Can Help Secure Your Mobile Apps

In today’s digital era, Smartphones and mobile apps are used more than other devices to access the internet. The manifold increase in smartphone use has led to a rise in the chances of malicious actors conducting cyberattacks using vulnerabilities in mobile apps.
Mobile application pen tests simulate attacks on an Android or iOS mobile app to discover all attack surfaces and vulnerabilities. These might include issues in compiling the binary, problems with storage of sensitive data and username injection, or enumeration.
As cyberattacks can have devastating consequences for enterprises, all mobile apps should undergo penetration testing to avoid threats to their continued functioning. Mobile apps are relatively insecure due to lack of security on smartphones when compared to desktops or laptops. Still, they are used for all purposes, including e-commerce, and hence warrant extra scrutiny.
How Does Our Mobile App Penetration Testing Work?
Our Mobile penetration emphasizes the file system, network security, security on the side of the client, and hardware.
We use a white-box approach whereby we go deep into the application’s code and identify vulnerabilities that are otherwise challenging to discover. At the same time, we perform parallel code reviews.
Our four-pronged approach comprises-
  • Discovering – This step involves collecting essential information.
  • Assessment – This step involves examining the source code to find entry points and vulnerabilities that can be used.
  • Exploitation – The weaknesses discovered in the assessment stage to exploit the mobile app in ways that developers didn’t intend.
  • Reporting – This stage involves recording and presenting issues in a manner that management can understand.
Benefits of Mobile App Penetration Testing
  • Mobile App Penetration Testing protects the confidentiality of sensitive information stored on the device, as well as data in transit.
  • Secures the data in such a manner that adversaries cannot modify it.
  • Ensures authentication so that unauthorized actions do not take place.
  • Our testing module can perform tests on iOS applications without having to resort to rooting or jailbreak.