17 Sep 2018

A ransomware attack prevented the Bristol Airport from using its flight information screen for two days over the weekend.

The airport claims that the attack started Friday morning, taking out several computers over the airport network, including its in-house display screens which provide details about the arrival and departure information of flights.

Due to the attack the airport officials had to use whiteboards and paper posters to announce check-in and arrival information for flights going through the airport and luggage pickup points for Friday, Saturday, and the following night.

Bristol Airport’s official tweeted on Friday “We are currently experiencing technical problems with our flight information screens. Flights are unaffected and details of check-in desks, boarding gates, and arrival/departure times will be made over the public address system. Additional staff are on hand to assist passengers.”

The airport also asked the passengers to arrive early so as to allow extra time for check-in and boarding processes. These two days however saw a delay in baggage handling, with customers having to wait longer hours for their bags. But there were no flight delays reported due to the attack.

An airport spokesman said that the information screens went offline due to a ransomware attack, though he confirmed that no “ransom” had been paid to get the airport systems working again.

All the affected systems and flight information screens were restored on Sunday.

It is not known how the ransomware got into the airport systems. Bristol is carrying out an investigation to find out the reason for this.

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